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Our students love us, and our 98% retention/graduation rate speaks volumes.

We are passionate and unwavering in our mission to help single parents in our communities succeed.

A large part of our strength lies in the long-term relationships we have established with each of our partners. 

changing lives through education

The Mission of Pope-Yell County Single Parent Scholarship Fund is to develop resources at the local level to enable low-income single parents gain self-sufficiency through post-secondary education.  Our organization seeks to provide supplemental financial assistance to single parents pursuing a course of instruction at an accredited institution that will improve their income earning potential. 

"So many of the applicants are at critical junctures in their lives, where their success often hinges on their ability to “hang in there” for just a few more semesters, after which they stand an excellent chance of gaining more advanced training or moving immediately into a decent job. This greatly increases their chances of providing much more stable circumstances and greater opportunities for themselves and for their children." -- Dr. Scott Kirkconnell